Johan Hofmann

The new instrument of the Prins Claus Conservatorium has arrived! It was built by Matthias Griewisch after Johann Daniel Dulcken, 1747. At the bottom of the page some pictures. The instrument can be heard live for the first time during a concert on May 25, please check my agenda.


About Johan Hofmann:

"Hofmann's performances are superior. He's completely in charge. In his hands the music becomes an exciting adventure..."

Dagblad v/h Noorden


About le Nouveau Concert:

"Pure exuberance, pure atmosphere, and with a group of musicians who enjoyed matters at least as much as the audience". "Bravo!"

Friesch Dagbad


"...a feast fo the ears." "The subtle elegance with which Judith van Wanroij sung airs by Rameau was breathtaking."

Dagblad v/h Noorden


" struck how the musicians let the music breath and passages were crystallized."

Leeuwarder Courant



Groningen, Martinikerk. Le Nouveau Concert (Judith van Wanroij, Bert Honig, Daniel Lanthier, Nick Milne, Johan Hofmann. 'Le Chambre du Roi'. Besloten.

concert 1

Peter de Grote Festival

Kortehemmen, Eloy Orzaiz & Johan Hofmann: Dresden "twee muzikale wedstrijden te Dresden". Muziek van J.S.Bach, A.Marchand, J.J.Froberger en M.Weckmann

concert 2

Peter de Grote Festival

Olterterp, Le nouveau Concert (Judith van Wanroij, sopraan; Bert Honig, blokfluiten; Nick Milne, viola da gamba en Johan Hofmann, clavecimbel. Londen, muziek van o.a. G.F.Handel en Ch.Dieupart.