According to the legend Johann Sebastian Bach and Louis Marchand had a musical passage of arms whilst in Dresden in the year 1717. Apparently the French concertorganiser Jean-Baptiste Volumier came up with the idea to invite both Bach and Marchand, a well known keyboard virtuoso and improviser. Partly the contest seems to have taken place, but reportedly Marchand fled in the midst of things with his tail between his legs.


Less well known is the contest that took place in that same city by Matthias Weckmann and Johann Jakob Froberger. This time we do know who won, the elector's "own" court keyboardist, but the two men didn't bear any grudge. Indeed, they were good friends and Weckmann even championed Froberger's music.


This program combines the finest Italian and French influences on some of the best German composers.


Matthias Weckmann (ca.1616-1674)

* Toccata in d-minor

* Partita in d-minor: Allemand, Courant, Sarabanda, Gigue



Johann Jakob Froberger (1616-1667)

* Toccata in C-major

* Tombeau de Mr. de Blancrocher ("sans observer aucun mesure")

* Partita in D-major: Méditation sur ma mort future, Gigue, Courante, Sarabande






Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

* Toccata in e-minor, B.W.V. 914


Louis Marchand (1669-1732)

* Suite in d-minor: Prélude, Allemande, Courante I, Courante II, Sarabande, Gigue, Chaconne