More than twenty years have passed since i first came across the so-called transposition harpsichord. It has fascinated me ever since. It's a type of harpsichord that was built in big numbers from around 1580 till 1650. Reading more and more about its history, I came to realize how important it was at the time. But also how it has been neglected by makers of harpsichords and players alike in modern times.


Using my personal motto "what was good enough for the best musicians at the time is good enough for me", my fascination resulted in ordering one to be reconstructed. By clicking on one or more of the buttons in the menu "Ruckers transposer", you will be able to find more information about the history and use of this fascinating harpsichord.


Besides some general information concerning the time and period these instruments were constructed, you may find some theories concerning the use of the two non-aligned manuals. A list of former owners and players of an original Flemish harpsichord clearly shows how important the Ruckers as a family of harpsichordmakers were. And what eminent position the transposer once held internationally.